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WOOF Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if day care is right for my dog?

Most dogs enjoy being around other dogs and socializing in a pack. Since our day care is totally cage-free, your dog will enjoy being with other dogs without being caged. The first day of day care or half day helps to determine whether your dog enjoys doggy day care. Not every dog is a “day care” dog. If your dog is not enjoying the day, or if your dog seems uncomfortable or unhappy, we are dedicated to letting you know and advising against doggy day care. We want every dog in our pack to enjoy the day! If that’s not happening, we’ll let you know. We don’t want you to waste your money, and we don’t want dogs in the pack if they’re not happy to be here. Chances are, your dog will love doggy day care if he/she enjoys being around other dogs. Most dogs can’t wait to get into WOOF and become very excited when they realize they are coming for a day of play!


Do I need an appointment to take a tour?

We welcome anyone to stop by! In fact we encourage people looking for a dog-care center that you should never call and that you just show up! We will need current shot records prior to having your dog enter WOOF for his/her own safety.

Dogs are not permitted until we have received a completed Enrollment Application and vaccine records for health and safety reasons. Your dog’s well-being is our primary concern.

What happens during the evaluation meeting?

When you bring your dog to WOOF for the first time, we check you in at the front desk, review your completed Enrollment Application along with vaccine records, and take your dog into the facility. Your dog will be integrated into the appropriate playgroup slowly (small dogs with small dogs and big dogs with big dogs). We do not mix big dogs with small dogs for everyone’s safety. We usually take the new dog in the outdoor play area and bring out one dog at a time until all the dogs are mixing comfortably. We are also happy to e-mail you during the day to let you know how your dog is doing or watch the action live on the WOOF CAMS during the day. It’s best to leave your dog for at least a half day of day care on the first day. This should give, your dog, you and WOOF a good indication of whether your dog is a good candidate for doggy day care!


Do I need to stay for the evaluation or for the first day/half day?

No, once we have all the information required, the Enrollment Application and verified required vaccines, please feel free to leave your dog with us. If a problem does occur we will contact you but otherwise, relax and enjoy your dog’s first day of day care on us!


What Vaccines are required?

All guests must be vaccinated against; Rabies, (DHLPP) Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza and Bordatella (kennel cough).


What should I bring to doggy day care?

All you need to bring is your dog! We ask that all dogs are brought into WOOF and leave WOOF on a leash, so please remember to keep your dog secure outside the building! Please remember a snap on/off collar is necessary. You don’t need to bring anything else, unless your dog needs medication during the day. We are happy to administer medication during day care however no injections.


What does my dog do during a typical day of day care?

ANYTHING THEY WANT…well within reason! At WOOF, day care dogs enjoy the company of other dogs in our playrooms and outdoor play areas. There is always a staff member on hand to give attention, affection and interaction. We take the dogs outside frequently because of our great play areas.


Many facilities don’t offer outside activities or are very limited, not at WOOF! The dogs enjoy lounging in the sun, running, games of chase or catch, resting in the shade, playing in a doggy pool (weather permitting) and just getting fresh air. Inside, the dogs play with their friends, run around the room, wrestling and playing, or nap on a doggy bed. Just log onto our WOOF CAMS to watch the dogs enjoying their day.


Do the dogs fight?

Dogs get along remarkably well. Dogs are very social creatures and, generally, enjoy other dogs and people. However, dogs are animals and do occasionally get into fights, even dogs that normally play together very well. Our staff is very alert and trained for that possibility and will generally stop a disagreement before it gets to the fight stage.


Do any of the dogs ever get hurt?

Dogs are animals, and, therefore, not completely predictable. On occasion, there can be an injury, most often the result of rough play. This is a little more difficult to monitor because we want them to play and have fun, but at WOOF we do our best to slow things down if it looks like someone is getting too rough.


What should I bring when my dog stays for the night?

Try to limit what you bring.
Food, treats, bedding, toy and medications.

  • FOOD: Please bring the food your dog is accustomed to eating and bring enough for the entire stay. It’s best not to change up your dog’s diet while away from home. If your dog eats wet food mixed with dry, feel free to bring it. We prefer to feed your dog here what your dog is accustomed to eating at home. Please remember to bring lids for the canned food.

  • TREATS: Please feel free to bring treats, but we ask that you only bring those treats that your dog is accustomed to eating at home.

  • BEDDING/CRATE: WOOF supplies each doggy den with a raised bed along with bedding for all our overnight guests. However, please feel free to bring your dog’s own bed and/or bedding if you think that it would make your dog more comfortable. Just remember to mark their name on EVERYTHING to avoid confusion. If your dog is accustomed to sleeping in a crate, please feel free to bring that along. We want our guests to feel like they are at home as much as possible.

  • MEDICATION: Please don’t forget any medication or supplements that your dog may need / require while boarding. We are VERY careful about administering medication to our guest and we will make certain your dog gets each dose at the appropriate time.

If your dog has separation anxiety medication we encourage you to bring it and provide us with instructions on when to administer. We have many regular boarders that require medications on an “as needed” basis. We want your dog to be healthy, happy and stress free, so please let us know what we can do to help in any way!


Lastly, try to get your dog as early as possible to WOOF for their overnight stay with us. This way they can play the day away, make new friends and get comfortable and tire himself/herself out for a restful sleep.