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WOOF Dog Boarding Services - STAY!

Boarding for people that don't board their dogs!

The idea for WOOF came from years of not being able to go away or do things because there was no one to watch the dog and there was NO WAY our baby was going to stay at a kennel. Missed vacations, no overnight trips or canít stay out late because you have to get home for the dog. These are real problems that dog parents go through. This is where WOOF can help! The reality is that your dog is best in his or her own environment but thatís just not always possible. For when itís not, WOOF is your answer. Your dog will be treated the way you would, we know because we are you! If you are a loving and/or neurotic pet owner like us, your dog will be in good hands, theyíre treated like theyíre part of OUR family. Even if your dog is a seasoned overnight veteran, he or she will love the extra attention and touches at WOOF.


Some of the features that you will find at WOOF are:

  • Cage free day care

  • BOTH inside and outside play areas

  • All dens come with a comfortable bed and bedding

  • Climate controlled environment, not too hot, not too cold just right!

  • 24/7 monitoring

  • Soothing music played during the evening.

  • Oral medications and supplements are administered free, however no injections

  • Love, attention and spoiling, just like at home!

  • Frozen peanut butter filled KONG® as a nighttime treat



All dogs that STAY at WOOF participate in PLAY in our cage free doggy day care. Therefore, they must meet the same House Rules as the day care dogs.







STAY To Do List:

  • Make a reservation!

  • Have all paperwork completed and vaccinations reports to WOOF prior to the stay.

  • Have completed the free trial evaluation

  • Have your dog to WOOF as early as possible so they can PLAY the day away to help get a good night’s sleep.

  • Please bring your dog’s own food to avoid stomach upset. It’s better to send too much than not enough! Please make sure to label EVERYTHING.

  • Have all food placed in plastic containers with their name’s marked on EVERYTHING!

  • For canned foods and refrigerated items, please remember to bring a plastic lid

  • Please provide instructions for feeding, amount, as well as any medications or supplements that your dog may be taking.

  • Feel free to bring something from home, such as a favorite blanket, bed or toy, however make sure it is something that cannot be easily chewed up or swallowed.

  • Leave your bowls at home we have plenty.

  • RELAX, enjoy your night out, that well deserved vacation, deal with the in-laws staying with you or endure the home renovation. WOOF gives you one less thing to worry about!