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Let's Get Started at WOOF

Please read all the House Rules and make sure your dog meets the criteria's.



Your dog's first visit to WOOF for Day Care or Boarding Services will be for an evaluation, which is FREE and lasts about 4 hours. During the evaluation interview, we will review your Enrollment Application along with vet records for required vaccines. Once all the paperwork is completed, your dog will have the opportunity to meet some of our staff, take a tour and then we will slowly introduce your dog to some of the other dogs at WOOF. This allows us to evaluate your dog's temperament and play style. Once accepted, your dog will be placed in a group that will be suitable for his/her size, temperament and play style.

After the evaluation and having been approved, your dog is welcome to stay for the day, on WOOF.

Prior to boarding services, your dog must attend at least one half day of day care (for dogs that will participate in day care). This allows your dog to become acclimated with our facility and staff to help make for a more pleasant and stress free stay.